OctaFX $8 Bonus

OctaFX $8 Bonus

OctaFX is new broker on the Forex world and giving away a free bonus which is $8 with easy conditions to withdraw. and many of my friends could already withdraw from them in short time, not more than 5 hours, so its good start for them 🙂

About OctaFX :

Octa Markets Incorporated was registered in 2011 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the license number 19776 IBC 2011.

OctaFX activity is supervised and regulated by the authorities of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the International Business Companies (Amendment and Consolidation) Act, chapter 149 of the revised laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 2009, section 5(1).

How to get the bonus :

  1. Sign up and create new MICRO account from Here (bonus for Micro accounts ONLY).
  2. Upload your personal documents to verify your account.
  3. You will get your bonus after verifying your account.

Bonus conditions :

  1. Bonus is credited to Micro accounts only.
  2. Hedging is not allowed.
  3. Maximal leverage for non-deposit bonus accounts is 1:200.

Withdrawing condition :

  1. You must trade at least 8 standard lots in order to be able to withdraw ” THE BONUS ITSELF “.
  2. You can withdraw the profit any time with no condition at all.
  3. They will give you $16 back as rebate after trading 8 standard lots.

Happy Trading 🙂

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  1. me 12530 verified for no deposite bonus but tell me deposite to get the bonus.Bad so bad……………………..

  2. I have tried to fill in the registration form..but always failed in the date of birth column. How to fill in the data???

  3. dear redz85dotcom,
    Bangladesh is also blocked from bonus. there is no Bangladesh option in the country list. i trade with so many brokers but i never got this experienced.

      1. octafx is a scam. when you earn some money , they make the spread become big, for example, gold, 50pip, but you trade it , everytime excute at 100pips spread. but the spread still show is 50pip. they do something in the dealing desk. when you ask them, they say that is slipage, but the chart never achived that price, how they call that slipage? and withdraw become so slowly. during the finance work time,i request withdraw, they promise 1-2hour deal with,but they dont. as a new broker, at the beginning shows scam, i dont know what they want.

  4. don't waste your time in octafx!!!
    i have submitted my driving licence and my bank statement to get verified, for getting the no deposit bonus..

    but after waiting for about 4 days i got email that said my request is declined without giving any reason…

    1. There must be something wrong… cuz many of my friends got the bonus got paid from them with no problem 🙂

  5. yeah, maybe the bonus is not for indonesian :(..

    “Unfortunately your verification request has been denied with the following comment.
    Bonus application declined, please DO NOT re-submit your documents”

    1. Yes maybe cuz they are blocking many countries from getting the bonus including mine …. anyway no problem and good luck with another bonus 🙂

  6. Okay now let me get straight. OctaFX is the worst of all scammers. I received the bonus and made 30.61$ out of it. Then I had a opened position at on 1.3194 or something. I had closed the terminal and gone for a snap. when I tried to open it again the terminal won’t open. What is this supposed to mean? I tried contacting their live support but to no avail. I have sent an email for an explanation. lets see what they have to tell.

  7. In my previous comment I had complained that OctaFX had blocked my acc. however, just a few minutes I spoke with their support and their response was that it could be due to several reasons as follows,

    OctaFX Support: There could be several following reasons:

    OctaFX Support: No connection to the Server. In this case please try to rescan servers. To do this, left-click on the green-and-red icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the Terminal and choose “Refresh servers”.

    OctaFX Support: Your network is blocking port 443 and also the access to the Internet through a proxy server is blocked. In this case, you must specify the proxy server address and port for Internet access, then register it in your terminal: choose menu “Tools” – “Settings” – “Server” – check “Enable proxy” – click on “proxy “- Write the address, proxy port, username and password.

    OctaFX Support: Program-firewall on your computer (antivirus software) is blocking port 443. Windows Firewall is also a software-firewall. In this case, you must enter the name of the terminal to the approved list, or open port 443.

    OctaFX Support: The version of your Metatrader is an Old version. If so, you need to update the terminal. View the current version of your terminal in FBS Trader 4, Choose menu “Help” -> “About”. The new version of the terminal is located on the site http://www.fbs.com in the section “Platrforms”.

    However, I finally I uninstalled and installed it again and everything seems to be fine (previously this method didn’t work). As they had replied to my woes I have no complaint against them.( Now my acc is in $-18.)

    1. So there was technical problem ???? and you have loss now cuz of opening orders ??? or they made the loss to you by themselves ???

      1. I really don’t know whether there was a technical problem or not. I had tried to reinstall the meta trader before several times which didn’t work. But after having a nice chat with their support the reinstalling of the software worked. Since I had a open position from Friday morning (which I was unable to close due to the problem) I had suffered the loss. Eventually, now I have lost all the rest of the amount.

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