Instaforex Warning

Instaforex Warning

UPDATE : Forex Peace Army ( FPA ) reports InstaForex as SCAM, check this thread !

After the Liberty Reserve disaster most of the Forex brokers guaranteed the safety of funds for all their clients and they will be able to withdraw the funds through any other payment processors even if they deposited it via Liberty Reserve.

Except for InstaForex, they put some stupid rules to withdraw your money …. like withdrawing funds after 3 months or 45 days !

For me i had an issue with them which is :ย 

I had trading account with them since about 2 years and i used to deposit via LR, and by the time this account brought me some clients under my Affiliate account.

As i said i had this account since 2 years and i stopped trading on it and i lost all the money that i deposited with LR since then. now i have some fund on my affiliate account which is connected with this trading account, i tried to make withdraw request to withdraw my “Affiliate earnings” and they didn’t approve it !!!

I told them many times that this money is affiliate commission and it has no relation to the trading or the LR which i deposited before since 2 years but it was all in vain and i ll be able to withdraw my money by the end of October !!!

So i would like to warn you guys, Plz dont work with InstaForex anymore … if anyone have similar problem like me plz let us know and i ll post it.

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  1. i have similar problem, i used LR at 1st and 2nd deposit, and then i got MC, it’s mean i lost all my fund. then i used local IB to top up, trade it and got enough profit to withdraw, but they didn’t approve it and i have to wait till the end of november

  2. Instaforex is a great broker. I never had any problem with this broker because the customer support was really helpful.

  3. I originally choose InstaForex for their spreads and online withdrawal functionality. Besides this I also like their professional platforms and account types. Smooth transaction without slippage. I am really satisfied with this broker and I recommend it to others.

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