Unlimited Forex Bonus For Posting On Forums

Unlimited Forex Bonus For Posting On Forums

Now you can get free Forex bonus anytime you want just by posting and communicating with other Forex traders, and the best thing is that this Forex bonus is really unlimited and you can get it to your Forex trading account by the beginning of every month.

The “unlimited bonus” means that you can get the bonus as much as you post on forums, no condition of limited number of posts daily. but the most important thing is writing a valuable threads and stay away from SPAM and short useless answers. if you make useless and SPAM threads or replies it will get deleted immediately and if you repeat that more and more, your account will banned!

How this Bonus for posting works ?

  1. Sign up to the forums listed down ( MT5, Forexpeoples, Fxoptimax forum )
  2. Sign up for a trading account for the sponsoring broker of the forums ( InstaForex, LiteForex, Fxoptimax )
  3. Start making valuable, unique threads or replies.
  4. You will get fixed amount for every post to your forum account.
  5. In the beginning of every month they will transfer the balance on your forum account which made from posting to your trading account .
  6. Start trading and make profits.
  7. You can withdraw all the profits, but you can not withdraw the bonus itself !

Forums which pays bonus for posting :

1 – MT5 by InstaForex :

I consider it as the best forum which pays bonus for posting, cuz it pays always on time, but be aware that the moderation there is very strict. it pays :

  • 20 cents for every topic and reply.
  • Posting in “Free Dialog” section gives you 5 cents.
  • Posting in “MT5-Forum Administrative Content”, “Advertisement” and “Forex Signals” sections is unpaid.

Sign up to MT5 Forum from Here, and sign up to a live account from InstaForex from Here.

2 –  Forexpeoples by LiteForex :
  •  20 cents for every topic and reply.
  • Posting in “News from the sponsors of the Portal” section gives you 10 cents.
  • Posting in “Trading Signals” and “Advertisements and announcements” sections is unpaid.

Sign up to Forexpeoples forum from Here, and sign up to a live account from LiteForex from Here.

3 – Fxoptimax Forum :

Pays :

  • 50 cents for every topic.
  • 20 cent for every reply.
  • Topic starter gets point while his topic viewed or replied.

Sign up to Fxoptimax forum from Here, and sign up to a live account from Fxoptimax from Here.

Good Luck and Happy Trading 🙂

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    1. Hmmm i checked the forum and i couldnt find any post telling that they stopped the bonus for posting… so how did you know that ?

  1. hello. I'm answering for redz! If you are not referred on your Instaforex account, yes you can link it to the forum. However, you have to register again if you are referred by a partner and put "forum" on the affiliate code upon registration… Hope it helps…

    1. Oh thanks thats was so helpful, sometimes i see comments and just approve them telling myself that i ll reply soon once im free, and i forget replying them. so im very sorry if i didn't reply anyone before 🙂

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  3. I really enjoy my trading with InstaForex. I consider it as the best broker of market due to its excellent services and trading conditions. Also, they provide good courses and seminars by Internet, so it’s easy to keep on learning in InstaForex.

  4. About liteforex , Account verification process is too much complected and difficult , I think this is very bad broker .

  5. I like the wide range of bonuses that InstaForex provide to its clients. Every time I deposit, I request welcome bonus of 30% and give me in a short time of period. Also, spreads are always fixed and execution of trades is fast. I don’t have problems with my withdrawals or deposits. They are very honest and inform me about any change in the company.

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  7. I first deposited 300$ with Insta.Standard account. As method to deposit I use ePayments, also the same system for withdraw. My funds were instantly in the trading account. I applied after that for the 50% welcome bonus, which I get 50% for each new deposit I make.I trade with InstaForex for over a year now and I am satisfied with their services. The broker is constantly improving their trading conditions.Reliable information about different brokers can be found on the website http://www.topbrokers.com. During a trading session I trade from currency pairs ( major and exotic ) , Crude Oil, Gold/ Silver, Bitcoin and shares from Amazon and Apple. Lately my profit is over 1400$, but at the beginning I was making 400-500$. Is not the same for each month. When I had problems with the platform if it crashes or bugs… their support team is helpful. For withdraw the broker doesn’t have any hidden commissions.

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