TradeFort $5 Bonus

TradeFort $5 Bonus

Today s’ bonus is by this new broker which called TradeFort, they are offering $5 as free welcome bonus to all new clients.

About TradeFort :

TradeFort trademark was founded in 2010 by the team of professionals possessing a long lasting and thorough experience in the international financial services, financial broking services for private and corporate customers and in financial software development.
The trademark is owned by the international financial holding One Vector Group Inc. registered under the legislation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines being a full-fledged member of the British Commonwealth.

Bonus Conditions:

  1.  To get the bonus sign up and you must verify your account. from my experience, my documents and mobile number are verified in less than 2 hours and bonus is deposited into account instantly just by clicking “Get welcome bonus”
  2.  Bonus is only available for the first 10 days starting from the date of account registration.
  3. Bonus is credited only one time (to new customers only) and only to one account.

Withdrawing Conditions :

  1. To withdraw the bonus and profit made with the help of bonus funds you have to meet the terms of the trading turnover on the account: 1.5 lots for USD or EUR accounts or 150 micro lots for Cent accounts.
  2. No commissions will be charged for withdrawal.
  3. If you deposit your own funds to the account, you can withdraw your deposited funds, as well as profits earned with the help of your deposited funds without any restrictions at any time.

Depositing and Withdrawing :

  1. Wire Transfer.
  2. Liberty Reserve.
  3. Web Money.

Hurry up now and create an account to get your bonus from here

Happy Trading 🙂

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  1. good and nice broker. fiendly support and fast excecution.,, with minimal capital to trading on the flex account (5 digits)

  2. 🙂 lol people always last to know
    TRADEFORT …it is really very honest broker.
    "Second Chance".
    If you failed to make money with the welcome no deposit bonus 5 USD that you have received from us for the first time, do not get upset! Having this trading experience your chances to have a success for the second time is much higher!

  3. i recieve my $5 bunos after confirmation what can i say? account#119670 ? Tradefort is a good broker, i like them ..

  4. Trade Fort is really nice broker!
    I had received their free welcome bonus and lost all, but they had given me another chance to get this bonus and trade with them. It ia a great advance for me as I may win this time, Insha Allah!

  5. trade fort is nice broker, i got the bonus instantly. And trade with them now.
    i really recommend for all who interest in forex to be client in tradefort.

  6. Get a bonus without any deposit, get a great trading condition,having a various great account trading. I like most especially I can try to to trade with minimum deposit, so I can learn by following the real market.

  7. The orders executions are super fast !!. Probably the best I have seen. I am impressed. They have welcome bonus of 5 usd with whom you can start doing trade. Its nice to test their real account without depositing any money. Nice, I like them.

  8. Tradefort Company gives new opportunity. This new chance may change your life but do not think maybe there will be third chance. Use this second chance as if this last one.

  9. Tradefort Company wants you to have a fair comment to receive new $5 USD bouns. This means your voice is appriciated by the Tradefort Company.

    And they could obliged you to say good thing about the company but they did not.

    This means the Tradefort Company is trustable.

    The Tradefort Company is in Geneva,Switzerland. It is in a safe palce.

  10. The execution of tradefort is amazing,its 5$ bonus offer is a good for forex new traders,its a nice broker,so please try it atleast once

  11. Glad to join with tradefort. I try to trade with tradefort and I feel comfort. Tradefort is great. and I like the live support, They are very helpful and friendly.

  12. tradefort offers 5 dollar as a welcome bonus and that is really helps the new trader. They have a good support team also.

  13. hello,.. tradefort is very good broker .. offer 5$ with no deposit bonus andthey are giving very good service
    my account no is 218631 .

  14. One more surprise from tradefort in late November: an additional bonus of $ 5 for those who've failed trades of the capital of the welcome bonus. Tradefort very wise, giving a second chance to pursue success.

  15. A reliable forex broker who give you a golden chance to earn money without any investment. a good thing for me is they accept moneybookers for deposit and withdrawal.

  16. Tradefort is very nice broker…Fast registration,Instant execution you will never confuse about Requote anymore.There are a lot of instrument to trade….

  17. I opened account with tradefort.. they gave me chance to get profit.. they gave me bonus without conditions.. tradefort is honest broker.

  18. tradefort each hour is a good and honest,
    I signed up and get $ 5 welcome bonus, but I have to take it.
    I have friends who say they were encouraged to take up welcome bonus, by giving away $ 5 so they have a chance to rebuild, some of my friends have received, I hope I will get $ 5 I can do this again.
    this is really good and honest broker.

  19. trade fort is nice broker, great trading condition good for beginner to start and learn how to trade.
    i really recommend tradefort.

  20. hello guys

    they give 5$ sign up bonus and also 5$ for ur feed back about tradefort..its realy good and if u do a good trade u income a handsome money from it..

    thier support is good and also their softawre and their server is also fast…so i recomend to all others

  21. I like most especially I can try to to trade with minimum deposit, so I can learn by following the real market.
    tradefort is good, reliable broker.

  22. Great broker, fast verification and get the $5 bonus. Fast speed. So this is good broker and you should tried them by yourself.

  23. trade fort give $5 in my first chance after registration and now trade fort give me second chance $5…nice broker…fast respon and fast axecution

  24. Traderfort a good broker, I list here are not there 30 minutes, without complicated verification, a welcome bonus of direct entry, the broker is really great, I like Traderfort, ID 223 198, thanks traderfort

  25. TradeFort as well, I have seen so many reviews, the evidence that they have a bonus program back after you lose $ 5 welcome bonus First tien.hy hope I'll get into that

  26. I have signed up, and got my welcome bonus. Tradefort has good services, no reqoutes, and very fast execution… I've traded my welcome bonus and so far is so good. I love trading and making profit with tradefort

  27. Tradefort has good services, flexible leverage (up to 1:1000), low spread, fast execution, and no requotes. Traders are allowed to use their strategies with no restriction. I use this broker and get their $5 welcome bonus. So far so good..

  28. Tradefort is a good broker. They offer second chance to get another $5 bonus. I like tradefort. Fast execution, low spread, and no requotes.

  29. i really happy with this broker, i recommend for all who interest in forex trading to try this broker. from my experience using this broker, is extremely rare requotes when the execution price, and still not widen spreads during high impact news.

  30. trade fort is best broker . this broker give 1:1000 leverage and this broker also give $5 bonus and 50% deposit bonus .live support of this broker is best.

  31. providing a second chance for those who have not succeeded at the first opportunity, make the novice forex traders like me have more hope, with rapid customer support tradefort hopefully will also be the starting point of my success in the forex market trading.

  32. hello
    tradefort are very friendly broker, there give a client second change 5usd live money to trade in live forex market. very good broker.

    my account no 123773 or 114379

  33. TRADEFORT is a very good Forex broker they give you a welcome bonus to try, and the customer support is one of the best, they have a good leverage.
    So I want to invite everyone to open an account with them.
    My account is 127916.

  34. trade fort is the most easy and fast to register and trade. thier support is good too very fast react.

  35. trade fort is the most easy and fast to register and trade. thier support is good too very fast react.

  36. trede fort is very good broker and i like it very much they are reall offer one of my favourite broker for me

  37. tradefort is best broker n its customer support also awesome ..
    thanks tradefort u really help d new forex traders 🙂
    thanks a lot

  38. from what I have heard Tradefort is an excellent broker..and what I love about this broker are the 1:1000 leverage and no requote..that’s awesome.. 🙂

    here is my account number in TradeFort: 228758

    Wish me luck! 😀

  39. Hilda Laqim
    Tradefort is the best broker I haver ever seen especially giving clients a second chance. This shows us how confidence we should be trading with this broker. Very nice. My account is 229436.

  40. Tradefort is a nice broker.It is very helpful for the new traders.The popularity of the tradefort as a forex broker is increasing day by day. This broker has a good live support team.


    One of the best forex broker

    $5 no deposit bonus

    Excellent platform response

    Easy registration, fast verification

    Very good service

  42. TRADEFORT.Very good Broker .5$ Bonus – No Deposit required Very friendly Support Fast Execution Leverage up to 1:1000

    and another chance to have 5$ if you place a review about TradeFort

    I want to leave this comment about Tradefort because I am very pleased.
    Tradefort has got many things make you feel comfortable trading forex.
    Just open an account and they will give you a welcome bonus for free.

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