RoboForex $5 Bonus

RoboForex $5 Bonus

 Sorry! Not Active, But $15 welcome bonus is available

First Forex bonus for February 2011.

RoboForex is giving away to all the new clients $5 free Forex bonus with no need to deposit as gift to try them.

Conditions of Bonus:

  1. Welcome bonus is $5 and available for Fix-Cent & Pro-Cent cent accounts only.
  2. There is no deadline to get the bonus, so they may cancel it anytime.
  3. Only one bonus account for each client is allowed to be opened.

Withdrawing conditions:

  1. You can not withdraw the bonus itself but you can withdraw any profits made from it
  2. You can withdraw from your account once you traded and completed :
  • 100 microlots (1 standard lot) for Fix-Cent accounts.
  • 167 microlots (1.67 standard lot) for Pro-Cent accounts.

How to get the bonus:

  1. Register new account from here, and make sure you are choosing Pro-Cent or Fix-Cent account and select “Get Welcome Bonus?”
  2. Download MT4 from here and make sure that you are logging into “RoboForex Pro server”.
  3. After logging in, you need to double-click on “verify_client” to start the script, see the picture :wellcome_bonus1
  4. Congrats now you got your $5 bonus to your account 🙂 .


To sign up to Roboform and get the bonus please click here.

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  1. Hello

    To get your affiliate code you can try this ways :

    1- After you sign up for affiliate account you will get an email with your partner code like this :

    "Code to attract customers: abc"

    then you should add it to this link :

    https : // partnercodehere)

    so it should look like this one:

    https : //

    2- Or you can go to "Partner" menu and the "Advertising" and you can extract your affiliate link from the HTML code of the banners, just to be more accurate.

    And i suggest that you do the 2nd way, but make sure you are using the link with your partner code

    Plz visit this page to know more about Roboforex partner system :

  2. Thank you Subho,

    But please give us more information about this offer. and you can write about it on with your referral link which means more affiliate commission 😉

  3. Thank you, i was going to write about it, but i had to wait cuz i heard some negative feedbacks about them on forums but now i see that everyone is satisfied.

  4. Я считаю, что любой человек, даже не имея специальных знаний и нгавыков, торговать на рынку Форекс.
    Чтобы достичь отличного результата и большой прибыли, лучше всего торговать по какоко-то системе.
    Все мы знаем, что такие системы стоят не мало денег, которых у начинающих трейдеров естественно нет.
    Но не все потеряно! Есть целых 3 уникальных системы, две из них торгуют автоматически, Вам нужно только
    забирать деньги. А третья система для ручной торговли, она подает сисгналы когда нужно входить в рынок, а когда выходить.
    Теперь КАЖДЫЙ может получать приличные деньги сидя дома в трусах)
    Ссылку на бесплатные торговые системы можете найти у меня в профиле (домашняя страница)
    b23 точка ру / 3ymv

  5. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

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