FXDD $25 Bonus

FXDD $25 Bonus

Not Active!

FXDD is very good and famous broker, now announcing nice promotion which is $25 free Forex bonus for May 2012 🙂

How to get the bonus :

  1. Simply click on this link to sign up.
  2. Complete your registration by signing the last two documents electronically (no need to scan papers and sign on it).
  3. If you are asked for your personal documents please provide them.
  4. After your account is up and verified you will get your bonus.

Bonus conditions :

  1. This bonus is available from 17th of May 2012 and until 17th of June 2012.
  2. Bonus is for new clients only!
  3. If your account is inactive or not funded for more than 30 days, they will cancel your bonus or any amount less than the bonus.

Withdraw conditions :

  1.  All profits made from the $25 bonus must remain in the account for 90 days before being withdrawn.

Thats all i know about the bonus so far, and i didnt get it yet, so if you knew any new information plz help us and let us know 🙂

Sign up and get your bonus now! 

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