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LiteForex $20 Facebook Group Bonus

LiteForex is offering $20 free Forex bonus for joining their Facebook group.

How to get the bonus :

  1. Join LiteForex Facebook group.
  2. Sign up for the LiteForex forum from here.
  3. Then click here to the $20 Bonus topic and mention your Facebook name and URL.
  4. You will get your bonus in few days.
  5. Then you will get your bonus to your LiteForex account to trade with it.

To know more about LiteForex forum “ForexPeoples” Click here.

Withdrawing Condition :

That applies to the withdrawing the forum bonus rules, which is :

Making any profit from the forum bonus is withdraw-able but the bonus itself can not be withdrawn.

Happy Trading 🙂

Active Bonuses Bonus For Action Bonus For Posting FXoptimax Instaforex LiteForex

Unlimited Forex Bonus For Posting On Forums

Now you can get free Forex bonus anytime you want just by posting and communicating with other Forex traders, and the best thing is that this Forex bonus is really unlimited and you can get it to your Forex trading account by the beginning of every month.

The “unlimited bonus” means that you can get the bonus as much as you post on forums, no condition of limited number of posts daily. but the most important thing is writing a valuable threads and stay away from SPAM and short useless answers. if you make useless and SPAM threads or replies it will get deleted immediately and if you repeat that more and more, your account will banned!

How this Bonus for posting works ?

  1. Sign up to the forums listed down ( MT5, Forexpeoples, Fxoptimax forum )
  2. Sign up for a trading account for the sponsoring broker of the forums ( InstaForex, LiteForex, Fxoptimax )
  3. Start making valuable, unique threads or replies.
  4. You will get fixed amount for every post to your forum account.
  5. In the beginning of every month they will transfer the balance on your forum account which made from posting to your trading account .
  6. Start trading and make profits.
  7. You can withdraw all the profits, but you can not withdraw the bonus itself !

Forums which pays bonus for posting :

1 – MT5 by InstaForex :

I consider it as the best forum which pays bonus for posting, cuz it pays always on time, but be aware that the moderation there is very strict. it pays :

  • 20 cents for every topic and reply.
  • Posting in “Free Dialog” section gives you 5 cents.
  • Posting in “MT5-Forum Administrative Content”, “Advertisement” and “Forex Signals” sections is unpaid.

Sign up to MT5 Forum from Here, and sign up to a live account from InstaForex from Here.

2 –  Forexpeoples by LiteForex :
  •  20 cents for every topic and reply.
  • Posting in “News from the sponsors of the Portal” section gives you 10 cents.
  • Posting in “Trading Signals” and “Advertisements and announcements” sections is unpaid.

Sign up to Forexpeoples forum from Here, and sign up to a live account from LiteForex from Here.

3 – Fxoptimax Forum :

Pays :

  • 50 cents for every topic.
  • 20 cent for every reply.
  • Topic starter gets point while his topic viewed or replied.

Sign up to Fxoptimax forum from Here, and sign up to a live account from Fxoptimax from Here.

Good Luck and Happy Trading 🙂

Ended Bonuses Forexcent LiteForex No Deposit Bonus OKPAY

OkPay $5 Bonus For Liteforex & Forexcent Clients

 Sorry! Not active

OkPay is an electronic payment processor, just like PayPal, Alertpay, Liberty Reserve but its much better for the following reasons :

  1. Very easy and simple interface for everyone, unlike Liberty Reserve which is full of many logins, passwords and PINs.
  2. Enhanced security systems which keep your money safe with no troubles for you at all.
  3. You wont have to worry much about your account to be frozen or blocked or any kind of this crap of PayPal, cuz you will have to verify identity just for one time and then your money is safe.
  4. They provide debit card and it can be used in ATMs with the MasterCard logo all over the world.

So, OkPay is kicking off his business with nice promotion and in co-operation with Forexcent and Liteforex.

Here is the story : if you are signed up with Forexcent or LiteForex then they will give you a free 5$ to your OKpay account if you signed up through them and then you can easily deposit your free 5$ to your account at Forexcent and LiteForex and start trading with them. and the best thing is that Forexcent and LiteForex gives you 5$ a free forex bonus when you open account with them, so the sum will be 10$ 😀 .

So how to get the OkPay bonus ?

1 – For Forexcent clients :

If you are not client with Forexcent then click here to sign up and then go to this page and follow this :

  • Click on the Get Bonus button while you are signed in to your account.
  • You should see 3 types of bonus accounts, click on the ” from 5$ to 1.000$ then it will say request pending.
  • You should receive an email from OkPay telling that Forexcent sent you 5$, now you should sign up and then you will see your bonus in your account.

2 – For LiteForex clients :

You should be an existing client with them in order to get that bonus, and if you are already client then you should receive an email from OkPay telling you that LiteForex sent you 5$, sign up and you will see it in your account.

Happy Trading 🙂