FXOpen Forum Bonus

FXOpen Forum Bonus

FXOpen forum is very interesting community for traders to exchange knowledge, ideas and also making good money in very easy way.

In order to make money from this forum, you just have to make some posts and replies and you will get your money into your FXOpen account, and to withdraw it you just have to make 5 orders! let me tell you more info about this bonus.

 How to make money from the forum ?

  1. Sign up to the forum from this Link.
  2. Open an FXOpen account from this Link.
  3. Now start making useful posts and replies.
  4. You will make about 3 : 8 cents per post and reply, depends on the section of the post.

Posting rules :

  1. Earnings will appear after making 20 posts.
  2. Posts that break existing forum rules may be infracted and bonus removed.
  3. 1st post infracted will result in $1 of bonus removed.
  4. 2nd post infracted will result in $2 of bonus removed.
  5. 3rd post infracted will result in all bonus being removed.

Withdrawing conditions :

  1. In order to withdraw your forum earnings, you will have to open an FXOpen account and request transferring the earnings to your trading account.
  2. You will have to make just 5 orders to be able to withdraw the profit from your account.
  3. To withdraw you need to send a message to “FXOpen Promo” moderator, and indicate amount of withdrawal and your FXOpen account number.
  4. Bonus to your trading account will be added every Monday of the week.
  5. Minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Sign up now to FXOpen forum and start making money!

Happy Trading 🙂

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