Admiral Markets 50€ Facebook Bonus (2013)

Admiral Markets 50€ Facebook Bonus (2013)

Admiral Markets is back with new free forex bonus for the new year 2013, offering all new clients 50Euro free Forex bonus no deposit needed.

Not only that but you can get another 500Euro if you win the inviting contest.

How to get the bonus ?

To get the bonus you need Facebook account, to like and join their Facebook App.

  1. Join the AM Facebook app. here and like the AM page Here.
  2. Invite at least 10 friends.
  3. Open an account through the AM App. ( it will inform you to open an account while your friends accepts the invitation).
  4. After signing up the App. will open your AM control panel ( in pop up, so plz enable your browser to open pop up ).
  5. You will get promo. code to your email, use it while opening “Standard Account” from your AM control panel.
  6. Upload your documents, and after 2 days you will get your free forex bonus if your documents verified successfully.

How to get the 500 Euro bonus :

Invite friends through the Facebook App. and the most active person with the most invites may win 500 Euro by the last Friday each month.

Bonus Conditions :

  1. Bonus is available to the following countries : United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Bulgaria, Ireland, Finland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Israel, UAE, Singapore, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Georgia, Qatar, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Angola, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile.
  2. Bonus is available for new clients only.

Withdrawing Conditions :

  1. The bonus “50 Euro” is available for withdrawing after trading at least 10 lots.
  2. The profit of the bonus is available for withdrawing after trading 1 lot per each 5EUR of bonus funds received.
  3.  If the promotional account has been funded by a deposit or internal transfer, then the internal transfers and withdrawals will be available before the minimum trading volume of 1 lot per each $5 bonus received is completed.
  4. Contact Admiral Markets via [email protected] to confirm your identity and compliance with Facebook Promo requirements.

Withdrawing the 500 Euro bonus :

Trading volume of 100 lots.

Happy Trading 🙂

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  1. Everyone, this promo bonus campaign is eligible if you follow admiral markets facebook page and bring 10 friends with you. Joining any other facebook profile will make you not eligible for the campaign and thus will be a waste of time. Please, do not hesitate to go our Global Facebook page, to find out the real terms and conditions.

  2. Great bonus, the only thing is that you really need to bring 10 friends to their facebook app.
    Otherwise, you will not be able to withdraw funds.
    Also, the account has to be really opened via fb app, since they have some sort of mechanism to detect how the account was created.
    I'v done all those things and working on increasing my depo, great opportunity!

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