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OctaFX King of the Road Contest

OctaFX is offering very cool contest with very precious prizes 😉 .. the first winner gets brand new Porsche Panamera car 🙂

How to join the contest :

  1. Sign up for new account ( Micro or ECN).
  2. Deposit your account with any amount of money, No exact amount of money is needed to be able to participate.
  3. Start trading and collect points for your winning trades.
  4. The first 10 members with the highest points ( Not the amount of money ) will get very cool prizes 🙂

Conest Prizes :

  1. 1st prize is : Porsche Panamera.
  2. 2nd prize is : Trip to Nice for two.
  3. 3rd prize is : Macbook Pro Laptop.
  4. 4th prize is : iPad 2.
  5. 5th : 10 th prize : iPhone 5.

Contest Duration :

  • Start date: 08/08/2012.
  • Finish date: 12/21/2013.

Contest rules and regulations :

  1. Only persons of legal age (18+) can take part in the contest.
  2. The winner must provide a full set of original documents (that is, his national id) prior to be able to take the prize. The ID must be valid.
  3. A contestant is free to open and deposit any number of contest accounts.
  4. Any trading strategies and/or EAs are allowed for contest account trading.
  5. Account with the highest points by the contest end date will be announced the winner.
  6. The contest results will be announced no later than in 7 days after the contest finish date.
  7. OctaFX will run a background check on the winner, his legitimacy, information validity and possible violations.
  8. All the prizes shall be shipped into the winners’ locations.
  9. In exceptional cases an equivalent of the prize can be paid into the winner’s trading account or bank account.

For more info about how to win click here.

Good luck my friends 🙂

Admiral Markets Ended Bonuses No Deposit Bonus

Admiral Markets 50 Euro Bonus (worldwide)

Update : Replying to one of my readers who said that Admiral Markets is scam broker, i got a payment to my WebMoney account from them for my Partner Account in 6 hours. Also some of my friends could withdraw from their bonus accounts to their Bank Account in 3 days, which means that they are not scammers

Its the first welcome bonus for October 2011 🙂

Our new bonus today is by Admiral Market broker, its one of the good brokers online and they are giving a free bonus which $50 but its limited to some certain countries so thats not nice, but i found that they are offering 50 euro as welcome bonus with some easy condition.

How to get the bonus ?

Its very easy process to get the bonus but it may take up to 3 days or more.

  1. First you will have to sign up for demo account from here loaded with 50 euro from this link.
  2. Start trading with your account until you make it reach to 100 euro.
  3. Go to this link and sign up for real account, they will not ask you to verify your account but you will have to verify it when withdrawing.
  4. Send a request to this email address to transfer the profit (50 euro profit from demo account) to your real account and type the following info to get the bonus :

 – Promotional account number: (demo account number)
– Admiral Markets account number: (your real account number)
– Full Name:
– Date:

You should get your bonus in about 2 or 3 days after sending this email.

Withdrawing Condition :

You must verify your account with your paper in order to be able to withdraw.

Depositing and withdrawing :

  1. Wire Transfer
  2. Liberty Reserve
  3. EcoCrad

Happy Trading 🙂

Ended Bonuses No Deposit Bonus OKPAY UWC

UWC & OKPAY $100 Bonus

Sorry! Not Active.

Its the first Forex bonus for 2011, n i promise it wont be the last!

UWCFX is giving away another free bonus for the new year celebrations in a co-operation between them & OkPay the great incoming payment processor.

How to get the bonus ?

  1. If you have account with OkPay then you should receive an email from them containing a code for your free $100.
  2. If you don’t have an account with OkPay sign up from here and make sure you get your account activated in order to get your $100 bonus coupon.
  3. Log in to your UWC account and go to ” Deposit Funds ” and check ” deposit via OKPAY coupon ” and enter your OKPAY coupon to get your $100 bonus.

Note : make sure that your OKPAY account and UWC account is verified in order to get your bonus.

Withdrawal condition :

You can not withdraw the bonus itself but can withdraw any profit from it after trading at least 5 lots .

Not only that but you can get free MasterCard from UWC, click here for more information.

Please note that this offer is valid till 31/1/2011.

Ended Bonuses No Deposit Bonus UWC

UWC $20 FX-mas Bonus

Sorry! Not Active.

Hello! we are back after long break from the free Forex bonuses 🙂

United World Capital Forex is offering $20 free Forex bonus for the Christmas, i was waiting for bonus like this from this great Forex broker since a long time, and here they are.

More information about UWC :

  1. Headquarters in Cyprus.
  2. Registered as a CIF (Cyprus Investment Firm) under the registration number HE230122 .
  3. Licensed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) under the license number 093/08 in accordance with the new MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).
  4. FSA-regulated and registered under the license number 504862.
  5. Member of the European Investor Compensation Fund.

Conditions of receiving the bonus :

  1. Bonus offer is avaiable between 13Dec. 2010 – 5 Jan. 2011.
  2. Bonus is eligible for the new customers only.
  3. Bonus is limited to only 1 account per household and IP address.
  4. Verifying your account by providing them with any document ensures that you are currently trading with Forex Broker ( monthly statement of your account will work ).

Conditions of withdrawing the bonus :

  1. Completing 4 trades and 5 lots to eligible to withdraw.
  2. You shouldn’t have any open trades to be able to withdraw.

To sign up for a new trading account click here

They also have one more bonus which is 30% bonus on depositing an amount above $100.

Thanks to our friend Afham shawn who shared this bonus with us 🙂

Forex Forex Stratgies

Essential Elements of Trading Success

Until the late 1990’s, the only market players allowed to speculate in the foreign-exchange market were large banks, hedge funds, and very wealthy investors.  The reason was rather simple—a minimum contract size was generally between $100,000 and $1,000,000, so automatically, the entire investing public was eliminated from consideration except for the wealthiest and most powerful.

The forex market remained like this throughout the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Then, in the late 90’s, the advance of technology and internet allowed small retail forex brokerages to begin forming all over the world.  These small retail brokerages negotiated with banks.  Banks set minimum contract sizes at $100,000 because they want heavy order flow, so brokerages negotiated with banks and convinced them that they could send through huge amounts order flow each day, but instead of it being a few very large orders, it would be hundreds of smaller orders.  Thus, the retail forex market was born.

Today, traders can open a small account with under $100 at an online forex brokerage and begin trading in the fx market.  This very low risk threshold into the world of fx trading has caused innumerable small, retail traders to enter the market over the last 10 years.  Unfortunately, a very high percentage of these new traders lose money.  In fact, most estimates state that around 90%+ of retail forex accounts are closed out at a loss, and many accounts are closed out with $0.  There are a few practical guidelines that are essential to follow if a trader is serious about becoming an fx trader.

Develop A Strategy

Many new traders simply read and e-book and start trading.  It is best to take adequate time to develop a strategy that fits your personality.  Consider taking several months at least and demo trading the strategy to prove that it yields positive expectancy in a forward-testing environment.

Keep A Trade Log

There are generally two types of traders—proactive and reactive.  Be a proactive trader.  This means you keep a trade journal that outlines specific trades you are looking to take, why you are considering taking the trade, how it lines up with your strategy, etc.  This will prevent overtrading, which is one of the leading causes of failure among new traders.

Analyze Losers

Most new traders are still very attached to the emotional pain of losing money; therefore, after a losing trade, the first response is to move on as quickly as possible, so that the pain of the loss of money will subside.  This is a huge mistake.  New traders should take time to analyze losing trades in order to determine exactly why a trade was a loss.  This information is invaluable.  If done properly, a trader may begin to notice certain market conditions that consistently lead to losing trades; then, he can adjust his approach and not take those entry signals in the forex market.

Cut Losses

This should go without saying, but unfortunately many new traders have a very difficult time cutting losses.  This is strictly a matter of trading psychology, and it is up to the trader to make the conscious choice to never let a loss get out of control.  This is easier said than done for many new traders, but it must be seen as an act of the will.

Employ Conservative Risk Management

This ties in with our last point.  Along with cutting losses, new traders should employ very conservative risk management.  It is best to risk very little of account equity on each trade, perhaps even less than 0.5%.  This will allow a trader to keep his account intact while undergoing the initial challenging stages of loss that all traders will face.  Employing very conservative risk parameters will also help a trader remain emotionally detached from each position, which is absolutely essential. Forex trading is risky and keeping leverage low and cutting losses is an important measure to decrease the likelihood of being wiped out by a string of losing trades.