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    Дамњан Радмиловић

    hi, briliant position suffering becouse popularity issue. Please just visit my blog http://www.dukascopy.com/tradercontest/?action=blog&trader=Furian Thanks to all in advance.

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    Mantri Forex

    fxdd exellent

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      Amit Gupta

      sab chutiya banane ka khel hain

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      Hi,Seems like it’s a nice blog. So let us also add something uefusl in it. Trading in volatile market can be very fruitful also if we follow technical levels closely. It’s a common saying that stock market can change fortune in either way. But now the question is how to earn money from the Indian stock market. Traders are advised to strictly follow technical analyses and investors can follow fundamental analysis. Many analysts say it’s not wise to follow technical and fundamental analysis together. But we say what the problem is if one does so? As more knowledge will add up things will not have any negative impact.

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    I agree with flying woabmt. It’s going to be nearly impossible to make money after fees and bid-ask spread.A lot of banks will convert CAD->MXN->USD->CAD for you but they’ll charge you a commission at each step and you’ll be guaranteed to lose money. You can do it yourself using online forex trading. If you’re really set on trying it out, why don’t you try it with a practice account with one of the online forex trading sites (like)? This way you can test out your concept without risking (and most likely losing) real money.

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    Slamet Riadi Hs

    Bagaimana caranya dptin FXopen aku dah daftar kok blum dpat,…tlg ya share ke my FB http://www.facebook.com/creasyku.


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