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    get 100$ free forex account.EverestForex simulator to test your knowledge
    Pass the simulator test also test your skills and receive 100$ free with leading forex brokers.
    to join EverestForex click the link http://www.everestforex.com/register.asp?refu=100

    note :In order to pass the simulator you need to open at least 2 positions and use the Stop Loss feature at least once (and of course trade well).

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      I tried EverestForex, but i didnt like it 🙁

      This test is not based on the real market but a hand made software, which means its fake !!!!
      You know when i tried to open an order, the trend used to always move against me !!!

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    i already get 25$ bonus and lost it from fxcm , can i apply again for this 50$ promossion

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      I’m sorry, but i don’t think so, cuz you are already client for FXCM, and that bonus is just for new clients.

      1. 2.1.1


        I don’t know where you heard IBFX is crooked but it isn’t true. You can’t ayalws believe what people say about brokers. Most of the time traders get mad because they lose all their money and right away want to blame the broker. Other times it is a brokers competition that is posting bad reviews. I can tell you that IBFX is one of the best brokers around! They also don’t have high pip spreads. They are an ECN broker and among the best. FXCM is also great. There is another broker fund below that is great too and they offer pip spreads from 2 pips and open accounts worldwide. Everything is allowed with them too like scalping.

    2. 2.2


      EverestForex offers 100$ wo deposit
      you need to pass aa trading simulator first

      pretty sweet tho. eductional good

      1. 2.2.1


        The best thing about Everest forex is the extra $50 for inviting a friend. its on top of the basic $100 !!!
        Like !

    3. 2.3


      Yo, that’s what’s up turthuflly.

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    ahmad atiqullah

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    It's true

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    I just love to trade on bonus accounts 🙂 Does anyone know when you get the 50$ on everest from inviting friends? I've invited some friends to everest but I didn't get the 50$?

    Here are some more forex bonus sites http://freefxbonus.blogspot.com/

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    You must complete five (5) round-turn trades in your new FXCM Micro account, and your account must be in good standing before you are eligible to withdraw any funds from your account.
    can you explain for me , what is "round turn trades" ? and what is "in good standing"
    just for understanding forex, some time i meet some strange word and i don`t understand
    thanks redz

    1. 5.1


      Lot of smarts in that posintg!

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