Active Bonuses FBS No Deposit Bonus

Tell Us Your Feedback About FBS

I am happy to announce that we have now a co-operation between and 🙂 so i would like to hear your experience with them, plz feel free to tell us your feedback, negative or positive 🙂

Let me tell you more about FBS :

  1. FBS started on 2009 and located in the Port Louis, Mauritius.
  2. FBS is authorized by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius to manage, under a mandate, portfolios of securities.
  3. FBS is authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Panama to conduct activities of currency exchange merchant and brokerage, asset management, financial advisory and other associated activities.
  4. FBS have been awarded the ” Best mini broker for 2010 ” by the ShowFx World exhibition.

FBS is offering 3 types of accounts, for more information about accounts click Here.

FBS Promotions :

1- Free $5 bonus, no deposit required:

FBS is offering $5 as free bonus with no deposit needed for its new clients. to get the bonus :

  • Sign up from here.
  • Download MT4 terminal for FBS from here.
  • Download the bonus charger software from here.
  • Activate the bonus script by double clicking on it.
  • Now you got the bonus.
2- Get 25% bonus of every deposit you make:

FBS is giving a 25% bonus from every single deposit you make. bonus conditions :

  • The bonus can be withdrawn after the total volume of orders in an account reaches bonus size divided by 3 (rounded to the larger number). In case the account had several bonuses, this volume sums up. E.g. your deposit was 1000 USD. Your bonus will be 250 USD. The total volume must be 250/3 = 84 lots.
  • Maximum bonus size is 10 000 USD (or 10 000 EUR for EUR accounts).
3- FBS MasterСard club:

FBs is offering MasterCard to deposit and withdraw your account in co-operation with Payoneer. the card costs 20$ to order and you can get free by depositing $500.

FBS contests :

1- Add FBS on social networks :

Follow FBS on Facebook and Twitter and get chance to win $10 weekly when you answer their Forex-related questions, you will get $10 to your account in case that you win and you can withdraw it immediately with no condition.

Follow FBS on Twitter from here & Follow FBS on Facebook topic here.

2- Predict Non-Farm Payrolls :

Predict the value of  the NFP and submit your prediction to this Facebook topic, and the one with the right predict will get a T-shirt with from FBS with its logo on it.

3 – Miss FBS universe :

FBS arranges the first beauty contest “Miss FBS Universe”. Take part in it and you will be able to compete for the title “Miss FBS Universe” and 500 USD reward. To become a contestant you need to send a request to, and download the registration form from here and attach one photo to your request and write a short information about yourself .

The winner of the beauty contest will be a lady, who is on firm ground in the world of Forex and at the same time womanly, beautiful and successful.

Now get started with FBS and dont forget to give me your feedback about them, and if you have any problem just inform me here by a comment and i ll contact them to help you as soon as possible 🙂


Active Bonuses No Deposit Bonus

NordFX 8$ Bonus

NordFX is giving away 8$ as welcome bonus for all new clients.

 About NordFX :

Nord FX is an international brokerage house providing to individuals and corporations a complete complex of trading services in the international foreign exchange market.
Nord FX is authorized by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius to manage, under a mandate, portfolios of securities and give advice on securities transactions, also authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Panama to conduct activities of currency exchange merchant and brokerage, asset management, financial advisory and other associated activities.

Bonus Conditions :

  1. In order to get the bonus click here to open a new “Welcome account” ( bonus is available on welcome accounts only ).
  2. After opening a welcome account you will get the bonus automatically on your account.

Withdraw Conditions :

You can withdraw any amount of money from your account any time you want, they just takes $8 fees for the first withdrawal only.

 For Depositing and Withdrawing :

  1. They support all ebanks like :  LR, MB, AP, PM, WM.
  2. VISA, Wire Transfer.

There is no deadline for giving away the welcome bonus, So sign up now and get your bonus.

Happy Trading 🙂

Active Bonuses Marketiva No Deposit Bonus

Marketiva $5 Bonus

Starting from 28/04/2012 Marketiva changs its name to AGEA

Marketiva is the oldest Forex broker online which gives free Forex bonus, and surely one of the oldest brokers online which is having very good reputation online.

Best thing about Marketiva is their trading terminal which looks so brightful and nice, also they have very good support and available all the time even when the market is closed. not only that but in your trading terminal you can chat with other traders from all around the world and exchange the knowledge .

About Marketiva :

Marketiva specializes in providing traders with high quality online trading services. With a team of dedicated financial specialists and technical support personnel, Marketiva operates globally as a market maker and principal counterparty to retail traders.

  1. Marketiva MM DOO is a limited liability company incorporated in the Republic of Montenegro with registration number 5-0557722.
  2. Marketiva is working continuously with legal and compliance firms based in the EU to make its services fully compliant with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), which is a EU law that provides harmonized regulation for financial services across the EU member states.

 Bonus condition :

  1.  Sign up from here, and you must verify your account with your documents in order to get your bonus.
  2. Bonus will be added as $2.5 in your Live Forex account and $2.5 in your Live Forex account and you can transfer between to accounts in order to have $5 in one account.

Withdrawing condition :

In order to withdraw from your account you must have an amount of funds more than $7 for the first withdraw, cuz they take $7 as withdrawing fees for the first withdraw only.

Depositing and Withdrawing via :

  1. Liberty Reserve.
  2. WebMoney.
  3. E-dinar.
  4. Wire Transfer.

Sign up now in order to get your bonus and enjoy the awesomeness of Marketiva 😀


Active Bonuses FBS No Deposit Bonus

FBS $5 Bonus

A new Forex broker called FBS is now offering 5$ as welcome bonus with no deposit to all its new clients.

Some informations about FBS features :

  1. Established on 2009 and Located in the Port Louis, Mauritius.
  2. They offer 3 types of accounts, Micro, Standard and Unlimited, click here for more information about the accounts.
  3. They are working with Forex , CFD, Futures, Indices,and Stocks trading.
  4. For depositing and withdrawing, you can use : WebMoney, Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney, MoneyBookers, UnionPay, Bank Wire transfer.

To get the bonus :

  • Click here to sign up, if you are from Russia click here .
  • Click on Select and choose ” Micro” Accounts, and complete the sign up form.
  • Download MT4 of them from here and install it.
  • Download the ” Bonus Charger” from here and install it.
  • Open MT4 and click on Tools and then Options.
  • Uncheck those boxes as you can see in the following picture :

  • From the Navigation menu double click on _GET 5$ BONUS.

  • Now it should say ” Connecting to the server ” and then it will inform you that you successfully got your bonus 🙂
  • To withdraw your bonus they take 7$ fees, but that is just for the first time then you can withdraw with no fees.

They are also offering another bonus which is ” 25% bonus on your deposit ” for more details click here

Note :

  • Make sure that you choose Micro account to get the bonus.
  • Don’t open more than account from same computer or same Internet IP or you will lose your account, as this is considered as cheating.

Happy Trading 🙂